Welcome to Sustainable Loudoun Blog!

Welcome to the new Sustainable Loudoun blog! Glad you found us, and hope you find these pages full of stirring ideas and constructive action plans. Our mission is simple:

Sustainable Loudoun promotes the development of a local community economy based on environmental stewardship and the sustainable use of resources.

We will be publishing articles on an ad-hoc basis that follow the essence of this mission, which covers quite a few subject areas, including energy efficiency (how to reduce your home’s energy use), renewable energy sources (passive/active solar heat and hot water, solar PV, wind turbines), edible landscaping (gardening, fruit and nut trees), water issues (surface and groundwater pollution, low water use appliances, best irrigation practices, and rainwater capture), transportation, small livestock (from backyard suburban chickens to sheep and dairy goats for more rural areas), and many more topics. We will feature local businesses and local entertainment.

We will help keep you posted about many pressing local activities and issues. And we will discuss global economic, environmental and energy issues and how they affect us locally.

And to make this blog successful, we will from time to time publish articles by Sustainable Loudoun members in subject areas they have knowledge and experience in. We know there’s an abundance of talent out there, so send in an article abstract and we’ll line up a ‘peer review’.


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